Here are some important words (also called keywords) and phrases for The Past in the Present history topic.

Local history keywords -

  • heritage -  something that is handed down from the past to a single person or a group of people
  • cultural – the usual beliefs or qualities of a group of people
  • value – important and lasting beliefs or thinking shared by a group of people about what is good or bad
  • time – a sequence of events, for example the past, present and future
  • people – any group of human beings
  • place – a particular area
  • environment -  everything living and everything non-living in the world around us that affects all life on earth
  • event – something that happens in a certain place during a particular period of time
  • building – a structure with a roof and walls
  • remains -  what is left when other parts are gone
  • significant – important
  • memorial – a structure built to remember (with honour) people or events
  • landmark – an easily-seen famous object that is important or makes a place easier to find
  • preserve -  to save or protect from loss or danger
  • community- a group of people living or working together in the same area

Changing technology keywords –

  • technology – the use of knowledge to invent new devices or tools to solve problems
  • change – to make something different or become different
  • timeline – a list of events in the order that they happened
  • similar –  almost the same
  • different -  partly or totally not the same
  • impact – a strong consequence or effect
  • cause – something or someone that makes something happen
  • affect – to move or change
  • effect – a change in something or someone because something  was done or something happened

For teachers:

The above glossary words have been drawn from State of New South Wales (Department of Education)’s (2018) History terminology continuum K-10.

The above definitions have been drawn together using the following sources: (2018); (2018); YourDictionary (n.d.); Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc (2018).