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This kids research guide is for Year 1 and 2 kids exploring The Past in the Present History questions.

You will find different types of research resources in this kids research guide – click the tabs above.

The research resources in this research guide supports the following key inquiry questions:

  • What aspects of the past can you see today?
  • What do they tell us?
  • What remains of the past are important to the local community? Why?
  • How have changes in technology shaped our daily life?


Why you need to use this kids research guide.

1. The internet does not have everything.

There is also good information out there not on the web. Use this kids research guide to find great stuff in the school library that is not on the web.

2. Not everything is free.

Sometimes you have to pay to use things. Our school has paid for you to use some special learning websites. You can use this kids research guide to use these websites.

3. Save time finding useful information.

Mrs. Soo has picked these useful things especially for you. You can trust what that Mrs. Soo picked for you.

4. Personal help.

Need help? Send Mrs. Soo a message. She will happily answer your questions.

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