Murdie, R. & Nixon, C. (Illustrator). (2013). Meet Captain Cook. North Sydney, NSW: Random House Australia.



NON 910.92 COO

Read this to know:

  • Why did people travel really far to explore?
  • What happened on Captain Cook’s first voyage to Australia?
  • What did the Indigenous Australians do when Captain Cook reached Australia?


  • Look carefully at the pictures. They also give us information.
  • Think about how different groups of people feel.
  • Does your opinion of Captain Cook change?
♦ This is easy to read.

Randall, B., & Hogan, M. (2008). Nyuntu Ninti: What you should know. Sydney: ABC Books.

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Read this to know:
  • What is the traditional way of life for Indigenous Australians?
  • What has changed or stayed the same over time for Indigenous Australians?
  • What does ‘Country’ mean to Indigenous Australians?


  • Look at the words of the song at the end of the book.
  • The photos show us how Indigenous Australians lived with the land in the past and now.

♦ This is easy to read.


French, J. (2006). The goat who sailed the world. Pymble, NSW: HarperCollins.


Read this to know:

  • Why did people go on great sea explorations in the 1900s?
  • What was Captain Cook like?
  • What happened on Captain Cook’s voyages?


  • Remember this book is a mix of fact and fiction.
  • See author’s notes at back of book for historical facts.
  • See Bibliography for more about Captain Cook’s journal.

♦♦ This is a bit harder to read.

Cane, S. (2013). First footprints: The epic story of the First Australians. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.


Read this to know:

  • When and how did the Indigenous Australians first come to Australia?
  • How did the Indigenous Australians live?

Get the most out of this book:

  • Look at the timeline first to get a big picture of what Australia was like 74,000 years ago all the way up to when the Europeans arrived.
  • After you have looked through the timeline, use the contents page to find the era you want more information about.

♦♦♦ This is hard to read – give it a go!